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Some of the disadvantages of door-to-door shared shuttles are that they have frequent stops to pick up more passengers, as the more passengers they take, the more money they make. So at an airport, you may have to wait for quite a while (or maybe circle past the terminals more than once) as the driver tries for a full load. In a city, you may have to drive around to various pickup points before heading to the airport.

Despite the occasional bad experience of shuttle stops, a shuttle is probably your best bet for airport access when you travel alone or in a group of two. But be prepared for delay either in waiting at the airport till the van or minibus is full before heading for the city, or stopping off at a few other hotels or houses before you get where you're really headed. The good point is that sometimes there are simply no other customers and you will be the only group travelling, in which case they will take you strait to your accommodation. Also some shuttles (more often in western countries) run to schedule, whether the vehicle is full or only has one passenger.



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Prague Airport Transfers is one of the most recommended companies in Prague, with long experience of the market. You can also take advantage of a free four-hour tour. Services offered include private airport taxis, group minibuses, low cost shuttles, luxury limousines and stretched limousines.

One-way private transfers cost from 19.50 GBP per vehicle and shuttle from 9.50 GBP per person.

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Holiday Taxis is the UK's leading provider of pre-bookable airport transfers to 2,000+ resorts and cities worldwide, and now offers shared and private transfers in Prague. Services offered: private airport taxis, group minibuses, low cost shuttles and limousines which are available on their friendly, secure website. The company was awarded the prestigious 'Innovation in Travel & Tourism Award’ in 2008 by Travel Weekly. The disadvantage is a card surcharge (1 GBP for a debit card and 3.50 GBP for a credit card).

A one-way shared shuttle costs from 9.60 GBP per person (only available to the City Centrum for hotels and resorts, not available to private addresses or villas). Maximum wait time is one hour. One-way private transfers cost from 26.40 GBP per vehicle.

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A2Btransfers is another leading holiday transfer company in the United Kingdom. After launching at the end of 2005, sales increased, but definitely could not catch up with ResortHoppa or HolidayTaxis. provides both individuals and travel agents with a comprehensive range of international transfers (from airport transfers, harbour transfers and resort transfers) via taxi, minibus, coach and shuttle services. No card surcharges. Unfortunately they do not provide shuttle transfers.

A one-way private transfer costs from 21.30 GBP per vehicle.

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Resorthoppa offers the choice of two types of transfer service, shuttle or private. The shuttle transfer transports clients by modern micro-bus, minibus or coach, and is the most cost-efficient service offered on a per-person basis. Private transfers are based on a per-vehicle pricing basis and provide a speedy and efficient service any time - night or day - in a private taxi or luxury micro- or minibus (dependent upon requirements and party size). Their online booking service offers instant booking confirmation on a secure site. ResortHoppa's aim is to take customers 'the extra mile' and to become the one-stop-shop for finalising all additional holiday travel details. For all payments there is a 2% credit card surcharge.

A one-way shared shuttle costs from 10.00 GBP per person (to the Centrum). One-way private transfers cost from 21.29 GBP per vehicle.

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ShuttleDirect is the third leader in the UK and Spanish markets since its launch in 2002. The company, operated by ViajesAlameda, offers instant transfer confirmations with no hidden extras. The prices include taxes, service charges, and any other extras that may exist. We are one of the leading airport transfer providers for most UK holiday destinations since our launch in 2002.

A one-way shared shuttle costs from 9.00 GBP per person (to the Centrum). One-way private transfers cost from 18.00 GBP per vehicle.

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Transferstore (operated by offers taxi, minibus, coach, and limousine transfers between airports and accommodation at low rates, and our system is quick and easy to use - just click on the map to get started! You can book either return trips or one way going in either direction, up until three days before you travel.

One-way private transfers cost from 19.40 GBP per vehicle.

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Shared Shuttle

moving from the airport to your final destination has never been easier. Airport shared shuttle can always get you where you're going safely, efficiently, comfortably and at reasonable rates, taking the hassle out of getting to and from the airport.